Sheet Protector Materials


Polypropylene (also referred to as PP) is the world’s second most widely produced synthetic plastic. It has become one of the most common materials used for producing sheet protectors. Sheet protectors manufactured in PP offers better durability compared to vinyl sheet protectors, but at a much lower cost. Hence PP has become the most common type of sheet protectors on the market today.

PP sheet protectors can be produced in different gauges/thickness to provide different levels of durability. The most common gauge would be the 1.97-2.36 Mil / 50-60 Micron sheet protectors. For your everyday consumers, this is known as the standard weight sheet protectors. As the gauge increase, the material becomes thicker and carries more weight, and therefore offers more durability. Besides material thickness, PP sheet protectors can also be manufactured in different finishes. This is often referred to the material being glass clear or non-glare. From a consumer’s point of view, the finish they choose is more of personal preference, as both finishes offers the same excellent clarity. Some would say the non-glare finish is a little easier on the eyes with less reflection.

All SSC Corporation sheet protectors are manufactured in PP, and in different levels of thickness for different levels of durability.

With over 20 years of experience in manufacturing sheet protectors, our PP sheet protectors are made from top of the line machines that guarantees high quality products. Our quality control also makes sure the products produced are to our high standards, before they get shipped out to our customers.

Acid Free

One major benefit of PP sheet protectors is the fact that the material is acid free. This is extremely important when it comes to protecting your documents. Being acid free, PP does not ruin the toners, inks, or colors, on your document. We’ve all seen it before where the words or pictures on your document gets peeled off onto the sheet protector after being inside for too long. That is because it was either a vinyl sheet protector or a non-acid free sheet protector.

All SSC Corporation sheet protectors are manufactured in acid free PP to ensure archival safety.

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